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Lauren is the main reason that we have this web site.  Since she got her new computer, Lauren spends much of her time on-line chatting with her friends.  Lauren likes to construct surveys for her friends to take.  If you visit her web page, please feel free to take one of her surveys.  I am sure she will be disappointed if you don't.
Jason likes hotwheels, matchbox cars, and playing videogames.  He has no idea what to do with a web site so Dad will probably end up having to maintain it for him.
John is the web master and computer geek extraordinaire.  I hate writing about myself, which is why there is not much about me on the site yet.  Once I finish the rest of the site, I'll publish my section.
Lisa is the antithesis to John in everything that involves technology.  As a result she forces John to maintain a healthy balance between "wasting time on the computer" and the rest of his familial responsibilities.  She does not want anything to do with the web site, which is why she does not have her own section.  When signing our guest book, please let Lisa know how dissapointed you are that she doesn't have her own section of the site.
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